Chapter 2: Weight-Reduction Surgeries

Chapter 2: Weight-Reduction Surgeries

In this chapter, you will read about my story and how i ended up making the decision to go with the option of Bariatric Surgery. I discuss why I had to look into bariatric surgery for better physical and mental health. I also talk about which factors that stop people from making or motivating themselves to make a decision to have such a surgery.

In the graceful words of Steve Maraboli, “It is not just about losing the weight; it is about losing the lifestyle and the mind-set that got you there”. I share how shocked i was when everything else had failed and my general physician spoke to me and asked me to consider looking into weight-loss surgery. It was not what i thought i would have need at that point in my life but the more i looked into it, the more it made a lot more sense to consider this option in modern surgery.

Finally I describe what this surgery procedure is about in a bit more detail and the fact that this procedure increases the chances of survival in a morbidly obese person. These surgeries are a great option for people who have lost hope of living a normal life due to morbid obesity.

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